Danusia Francis

Danusia Francis of GB is having a very good year. Here she is winning the British beam title recently. A lovely, flowing and poished set.

Not the most difficult set in the world, but actual choreo, and real flair too. That’s more than we’ve seen from some of the top scorers recently (Team China, I’m looking at you).

Pretty floor too, and the level of difficulty isn’t quite as embarrassing as it was at Euros.

Not to mention she’s useful on bars. Can’t say I care for the composition- that orphan half pirouette is awful- but lovely toepoint and real amplitude in the transitions.

Danusia’s had her share of ups and downs, but I think this may well be her year.

She went senior in 2010, but was overlooked, and managed to miss out on both CWG and worlds. Though initially named to the worlds team, she ended up missing out. Some unfortunate planning there: regardless of whether one thinks she should have been on the worlds team or not, she was wasted in not being used for either competition. At CWG she could have challenged for EF medals on bars and beam, events where England won nothing, and might have made up some of the 5 point gap between Australia and England in the team competition.

Anyways, she didn’t make the worlds team, for better or worse. And predictably enough, Team GB did horribly in finals on Danusia’s event, beam. Two scores in the 11s, for a grand total of 37.632. Way to go. There was really no excuse for not finishing at least sixth. Fail, really. And it’s not like a craptastic showing on beam for the British should’ve come as a great surprise to anyone.

Anyways, with Downie and Hibbert both injured, I don’t think there’s any way Danusia will be on the sidelines again at worlds this year. Team GB need her. She’s someone that I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of, especially as she’s also going to be competing for UCLA in collegiate gymnastics as of 2012-13. Watch for this to be more and more common amongst British gymnasts as a free tertiary education at home beccomes a thing of the past.


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