Our favourite MAG showed a stunning high bar set for the home crowd in Tokyo this week.

Beautiful from start to finish. I loved the old school touches though- relatively simple tucked kovacs, with kickout, and a stuck landing to wow the crowd. It’s like all the Soviets and the 60s-70s Japanese got together and had a lovechild. He’s so much better than the rest of the MAG field right now, it’s not even funny. I’d call him the Olympic AA champion in waiting, but I’m superstitious.

But lets take a moment to bask in the seething injustice, because Stoi! always enjoys looking on the shite side. This set won’t win the world EF title. It’ll finish behind Zou ‘nice man, boring gymnastics’ Kai and Zhang ‘not as boring as Zou Kai but running it pretty frigging close’ Chenglong. It wounds me, physically wounds me, that Zou Kai has the same number of Olympic golds as the legend that is Li Ning. Even if he did sell one of them ro raise money for earthquake victims.


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