Druggie We Love

Miss Daiane Dos Santos competed recently at a Brazilian national competition. It’s like she never went away:

Nothing changes. Still the huge, utterly uncontrolled tumbles (floor area, what floor area?) although I was disappointed to see that she only went OOB once, and appeared to actually stick the last pass. And the frantic, no time to stop and pause for breath choreography. Just like it always was. Like a chipmunk on speed (hmm, realisation anyone?). And I will never understand how someone who is only 4 foot 9 manages to get like 5 foot into the air on a leap. She’s fabulous.

Praise be to the Brazilian federation officials who gave her a comically short ban, just enough not to debar her from future Olympic competition. Roll on London! And by London I mean the test event, since it seems like I won’t be seeing her in person for the big event. Not that I’m bitter, fucking cuntbubble arsewipe organisers of the whole twatting thing. So let’s hope Brazil fuck up just a leetle in worlds prelims.

Posted by Clara


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