Pavlova Watch

Not sure which competition this is from or what the scores were, but nonetheless we have videos. And we all know how hard it can be to get hold of Russian videos, so let’s enjoy.


Lacking in difficulty as always (I really think she suffered as much as anyone from the bars bias in the 01-05 code and massive bars bisa in the open ended code). But still, pretty until the dismount. And I guess it’s good to see her back in double saltos.


Fall on the whip, as is traditional.


Say whatever else you like about her, she can still present the fuck out of an exercise. Beautiful carriage and posture- both of which matter a lot, even if they’re not quite as easy to screencap as bent legs.

I don’t know what happened with vault, but there’s no video in evidence.

Jana on GGMB posted a report of a chat she had with Mustafina and Komova, as they’re both recuperating in Germany. She asked one of the coaches about Pavlova’s prospects. Said coach felt that other gymnasts had higher scoring potential (fair enough). She included Kurbatova as one of them, which is an interesting analysis. I have said before that I think Kurbatova will be back and look ok for worlds, despite some craptastic recent showings. Still though, it’s far from certain that Ekaterina would have outscored Anna even as far back as Rotterdam.


3 responses to “Pavlova Watch

  • Stoi!

    Pavlova has always had very well executed work on bars. She’s not bad at the event per se, she just lacks difficulty. Her lines are great. It’s interesting that she was actually the 2000 Junior European champ on the event. Of course difficulty doesn’t always matter as much for juniors, or didn’t then anyway.

  • Sasha

    Is it just the angle, or was that Jaeger (as Tim would say) ginormous?

    I’ve never watched Pavsie much on bars so I never realised how lovely her work is. Don’t care about the difficulty.

  • singingtelegram

    The Couch Gymnast wrote about this meet here:

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