I’ve had a premonition that she might end up doing bars for Romania in London.

The reason for this is that I’ve been thinking about how to fit her, Izbasa and Ponor on one 5-3-3 team. The 1-2 sitting out bars spots are always hotly contested on the Romanian team, but more so than ever for 2012.

But the three of them are just too good. Especially if Chelaru gets the rumoured Amanar. So one of them might have to do bars.

Izbasa is apparently training them again. Let’s treat ourselves to a retrospective of some of her best work. The first is in her pre-straightening days. Texture!

Two is enough, I think.

A tribute to mediocrity, but I must just point out that the transitions and even the occasional cast in these videos are better than some of the world’s top bars workers can manage.

Anyway, if one of the three does bars, I think it will be Chelaru. I’d like to post her European silver medal winning floor exercise again, as I enjoy the funky leap attempt after the double tuck.


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