Stick it like it’s hot

I heart stuck landings. Don’t we all? Especially on forwards landings. It’s something that tends to really impress casual fans, in my experience.  Obviously a step isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, especially when the dismount is only one of many elements in the routine. But it just looks good, you know.

So, because it’s Saturday, here are some luvverly stuck forwards landings. These are only my favourites. Please feel free to include your own.

With a broken foot, Produnova stuck her double front off beam cold in the Olympic final, in her last chance to win an Olympic medal, even though she had a broken foot.

And don’t forget she had a broken foot at the time too.

She punched the air during the medal ceremony, as well she should. I love this bitch. She’s totally fat and out of shape now, and I hope she’s enjoyed herself getting that way. But I still wouldn’t fuck with her. Yelena, we salute you.

I wanted to include Imogen Cairns’ second vault in the 06 Commonwealth Games final. After getting shafted in the AA because some inept fuck failed to notice Hollie Dykes having her 4th fall of the day on floor, she came back strong in the vault final. But it isn’t on youtube. People really need to make sure they upload all the videos I might want to see at some point. This is unacceptable.

Instead, we’ll go with a nearly stick from Imogen during last year’s CWG instead:

Well if I’m honest, she hopped it, but whatever.

Not the first time I’ve mentioned this vault, but it deserves another look. Shannon Miller, 1996 Olympics. This is turning into a battling back from adversity post, isn’t it?

Nastia Liukin, killing it during the most important beam routine of her life. When she finished that set, I knew she was going to win the whole shebang.

On the subject of Americans nailing beam dismounts during the Olympic AA, can’t miss out Patterson. Caution- in order to avoid terminal boredom, ensure you watch nothing before 1.15 in this video.

And lastly, a great prospect for the future- McKayla Maroney, 2010 US Nationals.

Love it!

A lot of vaults I’d thought were actually stuck had teeny tiny dismount hops, as it turned out, so I couldn’t really include them. Nonetheless, I still think Rosu’s Amanar in the 04 Olympic vault final, Cheng Fei’s in the 05 world final, Gina Gogean and Svetlana Boginskaya’s Yurchenko 1.5s in the 96 Olympic vault final and Produnova’s handspring double front all deserve honourable mentions.

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