Fascinating new Khorkina interview

Link courtesy of Kyan at TAAF:


All of you need to read this, post haste. I will be very angry if I find out anyone hasn’t.

There is nothing in this interview that isn’t incredibly interesting. I adore that she called Boris Pilkin ‘Grandad’. What a coach he was. Let’s always be glad that he lived long enough to see Mother Russia take the world team title.

Carly Patterson has also gone up in my estimation, after reading this. Somewhat.

Posted by Clara


2 responses to “Fascinating new Khorkina interview

  • Katya

    I read this recently too
    I was one of those girls who did gymnastics because she was my idol. Obviously I didn’t get quite that far 🙂

    Boris Pilkin was awesome. Its quite unbelievable to me what he was able to do with her.

  • Stoi!

    “By the way, do you now how much they gave me for bars, she asked me back at the hotel. “Oh, 9.662. They finally counted my pirouette. Good for them!).”


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