Did anyone actually manage to get any Olympic tickets?

I didn’t. Fuckers. And nobody else on the boards seems to have done so either. Some silly cunt on a particular board referred to this as ‘rich person problems’. As if everything on the gymternet isn’t a rich person thing. The refugee camps of Eastern DRC are not full of discussion about possible NCAA format changes, you know?

Which got me thinking. The sport is somewhat accessible at grassroots level, but not at all if you go above that. Kids can do a handstand against a wall in a slum in Rio just as well as in a suburb in the US. But anyone who’s ever done it with equipment is incredibly privileged in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway, here’s hoping for some touts.


3 responses to “Did anyone actually manage to get any Olympic tickets?

  • Stoi!

    I read today that apparently it’s not totally over til Friday. There are some people who were successful but didn’t have funds in their accounts to cover the tickets. So those are being reallocated. Long shot, but there are bound to be a few people who ordered gym tickets then didn’t pay for them.

    Adex, she is a cunt.


  • Adex

    My aunt, being a Mexican head-of-state official, got four… And isn’t sharing. THAT CUNT. OH, and for what? GYM FUCKING NASTICS ALL-AROUND FINAL AND TEAM FINAL. I. AM. LIVID.

  • Queen Elizabeth

    No tickets for me, either. Will have to cosy up to some disinterested corporate sponsors … it’s so unfair.

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