If you absolutely had to choose.

I despise the 2-per-country rule. Not so much for event finals, but All-Around.

If you had to choose between Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova, and Anastasia Grishina as the two Russian All-Around finalists, whom would you pick? And why? I actually can’t choose.

BTW – IG reported that Komova had ankle surgery on May 19th, and should be back to training in 6 to 8 weeks – that gives her a good 3 months to train for Worlds.

Things are lookin’ up.


Edit : I revised the poll – I didn’t give proper choices!

Vote again please!


2 responses to “If you absolutely had to choose.

  • Stoi!

    Grishina is my favourite. But I think Komova is the best prospect and Mustafina the toughest competitor.

  • audgator

    I gotta go with Komova and Mustafina.

    I can’t pick Grishina (at least at this point) because she is still unproven to me. Consistency is something I value and consider when talking about AAers, and Grishina isn’t quite there for me yet. Besides that, the fact that Komova and Mustafina are the only two gymnasts that can challenge for bars medals and have Amanars (meaning being one of the best vaulters AND bar workers is so rare) they are the two best gymnasts in the world. Komova and Grishina are very similar in my eyes in the execution/form area but I find Komova more consistent and has more difficulty.

    I can’t help but LOVE Mustafina. Beyond her gymnastics, I love her attitude. She is a fierce competitor, team leader, and as diva as she may seem doesn’t blame anyone for her losses (cough, Khorkina). If anyone can will their body to heal, it is her. And minus twisting, I love her gymnastics. I may have a lot of biased feelings about her, but I love a determined gymnast.

    If Grishina emerges on the senior scene with more upgrades and better consistency, I may revise my opinion.

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