The Many Eyeshadows Of Izbasa

Some people would argue that Izbasa’s most impressive achievement is her Olympic gold medal, or her coming back from serious injury arguably better than ever, or even her not having smacked Ponor in the mouth after one snub too many(I would’ve, and I LOVE Cata). But no!

Her most impressive achievement lies in the field of innovation in Eurotrash cosmetics. Since her comeback, she’s been rocking a number of drag queeny eyeshadow combos, sometimes matched to leotard, sometimes not. I struggle to choose a favourite.

In Rotterdam, she mostly went for the Romanian flag. Helpful for anyone who’d forgotten what country she’s from.

Watch to the end of the video for a better view. The cameraman unaccountably focuses on the gymnastics during the routine. They’d never have dissed Khorkina like that.

Love the glam bun as well. She’s not afraid to mix sophisticated with about to go to a football match. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of this combination cosmetic enhancement. She had to have not one, not two but three whole colours on quite a small surface area to pull that one off. And the risk of sweating it all off was high. I would argue for a 9.562, in old money (01-04 quad).

Then at Euros, she moved away from national colours and instead went for vivid tones that (sort of) matched her leotard.

I’m only sorry that the vault final wasn’t held on St Patrick’s Day, because this green combo would’ve gone down a storm:

Interesting that she went back to the ponytail too, I suppose the bun didn’t bring her much luck. Looked fabulous though.

Lastly, dramatic violet shades to not quite match her magenta accented leotard.

But I’d like to have seen her go for something even more evening-y and bold. If you’re going to wear purple eyeshadow, especially for the last event in the competition, why not go all out there?

I think the green is my favourite. And I for one live to see what direction she will go in the run up to London 2012. Fuck upgrading on vault, add an F rated eyeshadow.



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