Pavlova’s new floor.

This is from a recent meet in Bundesligawettkampf (try saying that 3 times fast), Germany.

I ADORE the bit of choreography that starts @ :43 :

She’s looking super-fit. The tumbling isn’t quite up to scratch yet, but she’s rumored to be training a double layout. I suggest that she keeps it at 3 tumbling passes to a) protect her knee and b) she has the tendency to run out of steam by routines-end.

Though the Double – L turn is abused to death and most often comes out looking fug, I think Anna could afford to focus on some D-level turns to boost her difficulty score. Surely the Y-turn could turn into a Memmel, or she could add another revolution to the almost-“scorpion” turn?

Here’s her beam :

Again, I love the turn. Even though she missed it. The Yang Bo leap isn’t quite there, but close. This set is pretty stacked – I’m impressed by both the Omelianchik and The Kolesnikova. Those 2 are toughies to get to handstand.

Uzbekistan or not, she’s making great strides early in the season.



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