Baby Shush 1982.

Thank you’s to Alar from The All-Around forum, and 80sgymfan from WWGym for unearthing these hidden treasures.

Shushunova from the 1982 Youth Games.

Showing a Tsuk 1/1 and a handspring front pike on vault. Interesting that she could pull off 3 different vaults from 3 different families over the course of her career.

Her bars are of particular interest to me because this was just prior to the time they started setting them further apart. It’s interesting to see how her routine changed from ’82 to ’88.

She does a Shaposhnikova to the high bar from a giant. Crazy shit.

Dismounting beam with a FULL-IN (and notice the very little preperation time).

And finally, floor, again dismounting with a full-in. On a floor that looks like little more than a wrestling mat.

Thanks to youtube user, GymnasticsHVMeets for the footage, who also has some rare footage of both Mostepanova and the lovely Natalia Illienko from the same meet



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