Not that it helps many gym fans perceptions of the oft-unruly Russian ‘tudes – and not that my celebratizing/glorifying helps either – I found this commentary from Europeans a touch harsh.

It did however make me laugh.

It could be worse. I find the word “boring” much more insulting, personally.



6 responses to ““Conniving.”

  • Stoi!

    Try http://www.theallaroundforum.com

    Wwgym’s problem is and has always been over-moderation. They’ve chased away plenty better posters than me because of that. This no drama policy of theirs is a good device for stopping discussion that they don’t want to have, and their way of dealing with things like sexism and xenophobia has too often been just to delete everything. Including the rebuttals to it. Hear no evil, see no evil. A couple of years ago, I complained about being patronised by a sexist older male poster, and Denn told me, in his infinite wisdom, that it wasn’t sexist, just gay. Says it all really.

    People who complain about this have historically tended to get banned. They like people who toe the line. In that respect, they’re almost worst than GGMB, because at least GGMB don’t try to sell themselves as no drama, inclusive, welcoming etc. Wwgym’s ethos is a lie, really. They combine this with a refusal to get rid of trolls and borderline nonces because of an underpinning belief that anyone who’s been banned from GGMB can’t be all bad. Hence Jose,Coderoyal etc. There are still some good posters there, but luckily they all post elsewhere too. Wwgym was brilliant in 08, the lead they took in discussing the China situation made them the best board on the English speaking gymternet for a while. Then they pissed it away.

    Bronners, watch your back, that’s all I’m saying!

  • Sasha

    That’s unfortunate; I came to wwgym because it was more intelligent than IGF. So what’s a better option?

    I do find Jose’s posts slightly amusing, but, uh, honestly just very slightly.

  • Sasha

    Hah! No, I had no idea that you had been banned, actually. The website has been down for a couple of days and I wanted to whine about it, but apparently I whined to the wrong person. Sorry bout that.

  • Stoi!

    I’m going to assume you’re not referring to my posting ban!

  • Sasha

    I like “scrappy legs”.

    Why did you guys kill off wwgym? Put it back.

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