Mustafina out

Poor thing hurt her knee landing the Amanar and was carried off the podium, then wheeled out of the area. No official announcement as of yet- end of first rotation- but she surely can’t carry on.

I don’t really give a fuck what happens now.


4 responses to “Mustafina out

  • Stoi!

    Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. I was working on the basis that the US would win this year anyway, since it’s a pre-Olympic worlds.

  • rocky

    Based on how she landed, it looks like an ACL or MCL tear. Worst case scenario would be both. I am crushed. This will have ramifications beyond the individual comp level. RUS will not be in contention for the team title without her at Worlds and, worse, Olys. This is a truly sad day.

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