Follow quick-hits from Europeans.

I’m “lucky” enough to have the kind of day-job where I sit at a computer all day, somewhat unsupervised. So while I do “work”, I’ll be following quick hits.

Podium training quick-hits are going on as I type this.

Some links :

Gymnastics Examiner

  • Blythe is in Berlin covering the competition – her quick hits are my favorite because she’s a little more in-depth than the rest. Example (from podium training) :

6:34 p.m.: You don’t see that every day. True to form, Beth Tweddle didn’t warm up on bars — she jumped on the apparatus and ripped off a full routine. And it’s a more difficult one than she’s ever performed, I think (though Beth has so many variations that they’re all quite difficult to keep straight). This one featured: Toe Hindorff half to immediate Ezhova to immediate toe Khorkina II to high. There was also an Ono to Markelov to a Geinger before some inverted giants and her full in tucked (remember she’s capable of a double double tucked if she really wants to be). Whew!

Tweddle goes to perform the full routine again but stops after the Ono goes a bit wrong.

Follow quick hits here too :

The All-Around

And here :

International Gymnast

If anyone knows of any live streaming available to us in the US, let a sista know!

<3, Bronwyn


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