Aliya & Beth videos from podium training.

Looks like Aliya has returned to her “normal” tumbling passes & sporting some rather heavy ankle tape.

Hopefully just preventative.

Check out the attempt at the quad turn at the start :

Close, but not quite.

I’m starting to warm up to her new routine a little more.

Beth is “dancing” to new music and “choreo” by Adri Pop, and looking completely uninspired :

I mean, is this routine really any different from her other routines? People complain that Mustafina does little more than “arm flapping”, but at least she looks good while she’s doing it. Carriage, Beth. CARRIAGE.

A nifty little exercise from Spain’s Claudia Menendez :

The leaps aren’t pretty, but she can definitely tumble – impressive dismount, even with the spot.

Tip o’ the hat to Ms. Gomez with that quad turn off the top. I’d like to see her make floor finals.

Keep on the lookout for more videos at amc81’s youtube channel.




5 responses to “Aliya & Beth videos from podium training.

  • Ashlyn

    I love Beth, I think she was robbed in 2008, and I only want good things for her. That being said, she really, really danced like shit. There are plenty of powerful gymnasts who weren’t all that graceful (Produnova, Zamolodchikova come to mind) but hell, I just don’t think Beth has it in her. And the routine looks especially bad next to Porgras, the Russians, and half of the other teams at Euros. Just looks bad, awkward, and Beth hates every moment of it.

    • Ashlyn

      By “all that graceful” I mean that Produnova and Zamo weren’t the most graceful of gymnasts but still had routines and chereo that fit their personality and type of gymnastics.

  • Sasha

    Why is it that the girls who can pack all their difficulty into three passes are also the shittiest dancers?

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