Euro’s Predictions : FLOOR

Clara’s podium :


Obviously, Izbasa is coming into this one on a roll, as she won floor in Paris last weekend. Regardless, I don’t like the new routine and can’t for the life of me see why they didn’t keep Hava Nagila. It’s always a crowd favourite, and she only had it five minutes. The problems she had with that exercise were because of the tumbling. Specifically, the fact that the floor isn’t really big enough for someone who’s 5 foot 5 to run into lots of combination passes without going totally OOB on a fairly frequent basis. She loves those 0.5 neutral deductions! And the floor mat is not getting any bigger.

Nonetheless, she’s messed up the last couple of floor finals she’s been in and is therefore now due to hit for awhile. That’s how it goes with Sandra. She’s also going to win her first Worlds title on floor later this year, btw. You heard it here first. And well she should, as she has no excuse for not winning in 2007 or 2010. Really she owes the world an apology for both, since in both cases the eventual winner was not only clearly her inferior but completely fugly.

Mustafina is another one who should’ve stuck to her previous floor music. The new set she showed at Scam was boring. Everyone and her dog does tango music. Mustafina is one of the rare few who can capture the drama of a piece like Hijo de la Luna, even when using predictable choreography. So why drag yourself down to the level of the rest? Maybe she’s trying to be sporting and give the rest an equal chance or something, like when Van Gelder went back on the coke.

Tweddle is the reigning European floor champion and indeed has won 3 out of the 4 major floor finals she’s been in this quad. However, I think the world’s caught her up. She was nothing special at worlds even in TFs when she hit, although to be fair she was ill then. But her new set, debuted at the English Championships last month, was nothing special:

I think my top 3 can all beat her on a good day. And that’s no bad thing. Much as I admire her on bars and as a person, we do not need her as a treble European floor champion. The list of treble European champions on a particular event is a very ilLustrious list, and it’s one that Beth’s floor simply should not be on.

Can’t remember seeing anything from Chelaru recently, but she’s always got the big D score so she’ll probably be in the mix.

Never bet against Ferrari in a European floor final either. She’s been in the mix, against all predictions, for the past couple of years. Might be worth a sneaky fiver for bronze.

Incidentally, is it just me or in the absence of Komova, are the new seniors not much to take notice of? The pre-Olympic year is usually the best one of the quad for new seniors, for the obvious reason that there’s nearly twice as many of them as normal. I guess that’s the end of that. Why they implement this rule now, and keep Grishina out, when they could’ve used it in ’03 and ’07 and saved us from Patterson and Johnson respectively is beyond me.

Bronwyn’s podium :


We should see 2 Romanians on the podium here. I think Belu is banking on both Izbasa and Chelaru to bring home medals. I’m disappointed that we won’t see first-year senior Diana Bulimar, as she could have challenged for a medal here (and I MUCH prefer her to Chearu).

Bulimar is a cutie patootie, and I’m jealous of her tan.

 Tweddle looked horrific on floor at Nationals, but we can never count her out.

The music, those leaps. Ew and ew. I just can’t like her here.

I chose Izbasa for sentimental reasons, and because I still have that vision of her crying like a neglected puppy from Rotterdam in my head.

Like Clara, I don’t like Aliya’s new floor routine or music selection. It’s kind of a snoozefest. But maybe I need to see it without her falling to take it more seriously. She needs to learn a full-in or something. Someone with such nasty twisting form shouldn’t be twisting in 3 of her 4 passes, whether crossed ankles is only a -.1 or not. The 3 1/2 twist is cool in theory, but it’s also overkill.

Of course this competition is completely less-interesting now that Komova is out. But as Mick Jagger (who shares Chelaru’s taste in dance moves) once told us, you can’t always get what you want.

See you in Berlin, bitches.


10 responses to “Euro’s Predictions : FLOOR

  • Stoi!

    As another former dancer, I’m pretty surprised to see someone with any ballet training at all suggest that Mitchell has decent artistry. Her body positioning in her turn is almost impressively ugly. Those horrible flailing arms, flexed palms, wobbly legs- blech! That’s before even mentioning the over reliance on belly dancer style gyrations and the arm flourishes, although to be fair pretty much all gymnasts are guilty of that last one. But hey, if you want to give her a pass on all that, it’s your call. We all like what we like. No ballet teacher I ever had would let her away with that hideous turn though!

  • SH

    Oh, and what in the world was Beth Tweddle thinking?! That’s one of the worst floor routines I’ve ever seen. That music was not written to be danced to! The choreography is a mess – full of long pauses and a whole lot of blah. I really have nothing good to say about it. She’s not a natural performer – which means you should NEVER give her all that time to stand there and be boring. Ugh.

  • SH

    Wow, I’m late to the party, but Mitchell’s routine is fugly? Really? As a former ballet dancer, the one thing I dislike about gymnastics is how bad the floor routine dancing is. And Mitchell is one of the few who doesn’t make me cringe. The Romanian/Chinese butt wiggle brigade make non-gymnastics fans laugh hysterically.

    Methinks the gym bloggers are too caught up in their little butt wiggle world to appreciate decent artistry.

  • Stoi!

    D, I don’t think Mitchell is fug simply because she’s not an Izbasa or Afanasyeva, I think she’s fug because of the way she looks during her routine. About the only thing you can say for it is that it’s original, but some things are original for a reason. That turn would still be objectionable even if neither Izbasa nor Afanasyeva had ever done gymnastics. Equally, being better than Raisman tells us nothing.

    You are of course correct that Mitchell was the lesser of two evils, although I enjoyed Raisman’s clean tumbling. But that situation should never have arisen, and wouldn’t if the artistry deductions were actually applied. Note to judging panels, they’re not optional!

    I think you’re right about Izbasa.

  • D

    Well that’s a fair enough assessment. I don’t enjoy that spin either, which I guess shouldn’t be called the Humphrey seeing as it is named after Mitchell. I am somewhat lenient on it though. It’s one of the few E rated dance skills that is actually completed. Think of all the cheated Gogeans and triple L/Ys and quad spins we see. The arm flailing in a wolf turn is comparable to falling out of an upright spin. If you see her pre 2009 routines you’ll notice that she constantly fell out of her triple spin so I guess they’re making the best out of a bad situation by giving her a higher rated skill(E vs C)that she can actually do. At least she’s not attempting a skill she can’t complete.

    I’m a Mitchell fan though I would’ve preferred seeing Izbasa or Afanyeseva win. That said just because they are aesthetically superior doesn’t make Mitchell fug. I mean what would Raisman be then? Which reminds me, according to the FIG report on last years worlds Raisman’s original score would’ve been tied with Mitchell had they not gone to the secondary panel.

    “Intervention of the Reference score: In C-I – 6 times, in C-III – 2 times, it changed the ranking of one the gymnasts (from “Tie” in the 1st position to 4th)”

    Raisman as FX champ is a very scray thought. I’ld have preferred Micthell winning in 2009 and minor medalling in 2010 rather than have Tweddle be a FX champ.

    Izbasa looks like the one to beat on floor this year. I can’t see her losing at Euros unless she decides to tumble outside the lines which she seems ot love doing. The Mustafina vs Chelaru battle looks more interesting as Mustafina has more fug twisting upgrades to show off and Chelaru has a DLO 1/1 to debut. Mustafina seems to have 4 different routine on each event so you never really know what combination she’s going to perform.

    • Stoi!

      I wouldn’t describe Mitchell’s floor and choreo as “fug” (though that spin certainly is), but definitely awkward at times. You either like that floor routine or you don’t.

      Personally, I could die happy if I never hear that floor music again. She needs a new routine and a new choreographer.

      We don’t really mention or reference Raisman on this blog, so that should tell you how exciting we find her gymnastics. It’s sad when you don’t even get a bitchy honorable mention.


  • Stoi!

    Around the time she introduced that nasty assed Humphrey spin, or whatever they’re called. Her body position in that is an utter eyesore. That plus flailing out of double pike salto landings seemed to be all that routine was about to me.

    As for being better than the run, granted Tweddle and Johnson were hardly impressive, although that spin was up there in ugliness with anything either of them have ever done. Hardly in Izbasa’s league though. And as I pointed out at the time, being better than Tweddle and Johnson is not exactly a great accolade. I’ve done shits with more artistry than those two. Put together. Especially put together, actually.

  • D

    Since when was Mitchell’s 2010 routine fug? It was a huge step up from the Johnson, Tweddle run we were on.

  • Stoi!

    Though I don’t expect her to look anything as rough as she did at Scam, I think she won’t hit. But you never know.

  • hijodelaluna

    I think Bulimar has such a nice tan because she is a Gypsy

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