The Discussion + Elizarova’s bars

This week’s discussion question at The Examiner is “What team will be the surprise of 2011.”

I went with Romania, Clara with Uzbekistan.

Speaking of Uzbekistan, Blythe also posted a video of Elizarova’s bars from the recent Houston Invitational, and mentions that many feel that she could single-handedly boost Uzbekistan 5 or 6 places.

I’m not going to say that this routine is absolute perfection, but the girl is gorgeous and has potential here (and on every other event). The way she points those tootsies is so Lilia-esque.

What do ya’lls think?

<3, Bron


2 responses to “The Discussion + Elizarova’s bars

  • Irichluck21

    For the ladies- I’m going with Belgium.

  • KP

    Russian lines! I like them! Also, nice swing, and good pirouettes, gorgeous piked jaeger and though she doesn’t always hit handstand, she can work on it

    But shiny purple and sleeveless? Uzbekistan needs to get its leotard shit together.

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