Quote of the week.

“I have no idols and I never have.” – Aliya le diva Mustafina.

Damn straight, honey.

Also of note,  Jordyn Wieber can kiss my ass with that 9.000 execution floor score.

I think not.

Biased?  Yes.

Pissed off? Very.




26 responses to “Quote of the week.

  • Stoi!

    While it’s certainly true that Mustafina got her share of gifts, so did Wieber. Her vault looked short from the screencaps I saw- her knees certainly didn’t face forwards when she landed. Additionally, Mustafina’s hands first landing quite simply wasn’t visible in real time. Remember that the only replays judges get to see are real time, no screencaps or slowdowns.

  • J

    The results were reasonably fair. As much as I love Musty, her vault was a smidge overscored (people forget that this COP rewards amplitude and power more than form) and her beam certainly was. She also cheated the 3.5 in an obvious way and put her hands down BEFORE her feet landed on her third pass and shouldn’t have received credit on a critical and required tumbling pass. The judges WANTED her to win here and she gave it away.

    That being said, Wieber was overscored in several places as well. It also seems like she is going to peak at a horribly early time and Tokyo will become a Mustafina-Komova show, just as it should be. More than that, I think that even though it was an international judging panel there was an air of hometown bias for Wieber and when she gets out into the big bad world with little experience it will bite her in the ass.

  • Lu

    Stoi: At almost 20 years old, one thing Afan must be planning now is her family (Ha!). But let’s not forget Chuzzo is still wasting some chalk and just qualified first in Cottbus.
    Alice: U R damn right on Musty being more worried about Vika than Jordy. Healthy Vika is a direct threat, Healthy Jordy can make it too, though.
    AfanasyevaFAN: Does Jiang Yuyuan qualify as HeadCase too? I know Nabieva totally does but hides it under her “sensible” mask. All this crap reminds me of Elizabeth Seitz rebounding like a fake check at last Worlds. Traumatizing.

  • Alice

    I have to second (maybe third or four, according to the previous posts) the Pissed off? Very
    I mean USA gymnastics could at least try to make it look less bias… Geddert kept talking about how this was a win/win situation for Wieber, but from where I am standing it was a lose/lose: if she lost everyone would just say she could never beat Mustafina anyways, and if she won, they would say it was a scam… Now she actually believes she can beat the world champion and is going to go home and work some more on those uninspired routines… It’s sad really. And her coach keeps saying this is pretty much what she will be showing in London… Sigh!
    Mustafina doesn’t seem to care because heck she is probably more concerned with Komova anyways… And I think Alexandrov must have appreciated being right and reminding her who got her there. I like the guts tough… He himself said: there isn’t much complacency among champions…

  • AfanasyevaFAN

    Agree with “Lu”. Damn, why did Afanasyeva had to be injured in 2009. She almost went to SCAM in 2009. HQS was fun enough to watch at SCAM this year though. Headcases like these two makes my day a bit better. I’m not complaining too much about this year’s SCAM but damn Aliya’s bars was epic!

  • Lu

    Sounds like the ScAmerican 2011 sucked big time despite some of the best world WAG in it. Everybody kissed royal high level gymnastics dirt, including Mustafina. I miss Afanasyeva, at least, we all would have known what to expect. Afan is so much fun, anything can happen with her, sweet or bitter but never dull.

  • GymNay

    Honestly I feel they are both amazing gymnast. I think Aliya is more of a total package than Jordan. But call me emo, but i honestly feel bad for both gymnast! Media, fans, and the like make what should be a fun, competitve sport a bash the gymnast session. Aliya said she felt she was scored fairly and honestly I dont think she cared as much as some of her fans do because its just the American Cup, who cares!! Also Jordyn didnt walk around either boastful, she was just happy to not have let the fall on bars mentally screw her for the rest of the event. Im just tired of creating hate between gymnast that doesnt really exist! If anything everyone should be going off on FIG and the judges, not the gymnast!

    • Stoi!

      I agree Gymnay, but this blog and (most) of my sentiments are just for fun.

      I actually like Jordyn Wieber, but a little bit of friendly rivalry between gymnasts never hurt anyone either. Jordyn’s floor score was too high, but my personal Mustafina-bias aside, I think Aliya was scored generously on every event except bars.

      I’m not saying that Jordyn didn’t deserve this win. Not exactly, I guess.

      And their were overscores elsewhere too – in what alternate universe should Raisman’s gross/labored bars be scoring higher than Huangs?


  • PolyisTCOandbanned

    Reagan uber Brezhnev! 🙂

  • JAS

    What is everyone talking about with Mustafina ignoring Alexandrov?????

  • Queen Elizabeth

    Scam Cup? Sham Cup.

    I’m glad that Queen Mustafina put on her best floor exercise difficulty. It was the right thing to do, and Alexandrov played the right psychological game at the right time. Cheap victories rarely make true champions.

  • gem

    i thought aliya was underscored on bars. that routine was pretty damn good. jordyn – i dont dislike her (i actually like her a lot more than most of the other americans) but winning, really?

  • Stoi!

    Jordyn was also overscored on bars.

  • Zoe

    I agree that Wieber was over scored on floor but Mustafina was also over scored on beam, bars, and especially vault. There’s no way aliya’s vault should come anywhere close in execution to jordyn’s.

  • Stoi!

    OMG Jordyn should so be Aliya’s idol now!! Love, NBC.

  • Stoi!

    I love that Al almost called Jordyn “Jordyn BIEBER.”

    Ha, what a twat.

  • Stoi!

    It’s only Scam darlings. Maybe it’s just because I’ve still not seen it, but from what I hear the most offensive thing about the whole day was the extensive smegheadedness from the crack NBC team. Tim should really be in prison by now.

  • Patti

    Haha great post Stoi, I hope she goes to Worlds’ more motivated than ever!!

  • PolyisTCOandbanned

    (mean kid from The Simpsons voice)
    haha! (/mean kid from The Simpsons voice)

  • gymnastika

    I know?! A 9.00 execution? She hopped right out of bounds ><

  • Shana

    No, no. Jordan Wieber can just kiss my ass in general. People are arguing that Mustafina was also over-scored on several events, including floor (evidently she cheated the 3.5), but wtfever.

    Mustafina > Miss overrated, TERRIBLE Shawn Johnson wannabe

    There are things in her gymnastics, like REAL toe point as opposed to just bending over the toes and forgetting to STRETCH THE REST OF THE DAMN FOOT for one, that Wieber doesn’t even know enough to WISH she could do. And, to my knowledge, Mustafina has never been a hot mess that bleeds all over the balance beam.

  • Crystal

    Lots of blogs are saying that Jordyn Weiber deserved to win…but with a margin that small it should have gone to the world champion. That would have bolstered the American Cups reputation, now we have yet another controversy. My only consolation is Mustafina went against Alexandrov’s advice. It was a strong show of character; however, it went against the man who brought Mustafina and Russia to World Champ status. IMO he is the hero of Russian gymnastics right now. Hopefully she will serve as an example for Russia in the future so they can win the more reputable titles like future world champs and olympics. Mustafina has to lose sometime so it may as well be at the American Cup, where it makes sense. The Russian lost because America is good at fucking the competition rather than because Jordyn is the true dominant gymnast. Don’t get me wrong, Weiber is an excellent trickster, but she lacks the total package. Mustafina is the total package and could have dominated even with her form errors. Too bad Nabieva wasn’t there to support and distract her from the unforeseen pressure:)
    Pissed off? Me too. But in Mustafina’s case I think a minor failure can inspire a major victory. She is wiser now and at 16 yrs old this is all we can hope for!

  • Julia

    For real. FOR REAL.

    Here’s how I’m consoling myself. You know Weiber’s going to have to sleep with one eye open now that Aliya’s got this memory to fire her up. She is not a gal to be trifled with, and the next time they meet she’s going to have a point to make.

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