English Championships implications

Two things of particular note happened at last week’s English Championships.

The first is that Tweddle showed a new and quite radically different bars set. We’re late in posting this but whatever, I was only going to blog about Hibbert and then it occurred to me that we might as well have another Beth love-fest.

D score of 6.6. Very interesting because this is obviously a work in progress. The last time Beth showed a set early in the season that had lower difficulty than the one from the previous worlds was at 08 Euros. Then, she did a 6.9 routine instead of the 7.1 set from Stuttgart, and this was a precursor to a radical hike in difficulty for Beijing. I can’t bear to link to the 7.8 set in EFs, we all know how that ended.

Anyway, here’s hoping for even more upgrades from the girl that just keeps going. 26 next month, the bitch is almost as old as I am!

I’m wondering if one of the reasons for making the routine even more compact is to have the endurance for the double double dismount? That would be fab.

The other piece of news is that Nicole Hibbert injured her knee. Most gymfans already knew that, since it led to Wieber being subbed in to replace her at Scam. But it’s come out today that her injury is quite serious and she’ll be out for a long time.


This has potentially disastrous implications for Team GB at worlds. Becky Downie, the team’s 2nd MVP, probably won’t be there. The British aren’t so comfortably ensconced in the top 8 that they can afford to lose 2 key performers and not miss them. And Nicole is an important team member.

She didn’t have a particularly vintage showing in Rotterdam TFs, although I absolutely adore the stylishness of her fall from bars. More gymnasts should jump right off from handstand on high bar:

But either way, this is pretty serious for the British team. I won’t be at all surprised if they don’t make top 8 in Tokyo. They’d better hope the juniors are ready to step up!


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