Pavlova Watch

Some kind of Russian national championship in Penza. They seem to have one most weekends. Pavlova was second in the AA.

1. Anna Dementyeva  

13.950 14.650 14.350 15.100 58.050

2. Anna Pavlova

14.900 13.200 13.950 14.150 56.200

3. Alyona Polyan

13.850 12.800 13.800 14.700  55.150

Looks like our girl fucked up beam a bit. Komova was also competing. She got a monstrous 16.7 on bars, sat out vault and was underpar on beam and floor with 13.75 and 12.9 respectively. Russian domestic scoring is, as ever, indecipherable.

No videos, naturellement.


2 responses to “Pavlova Watch

  • betweentheolympics

    Pavlova is trying a triple twist off beam again. That does not sound like such a good idea to me.
    The good news is she brought back her double layout! It was fantastic in 2008. Maybe that means she’s dismounting with a double pike again.

  • Stoi!

    Good for Dementyeva since she’s always playing the bridesmaid. I’m gonna guess she’ll be one of the 4 ladies on the Euro’s team.

    Vika needs to get it together. April isn’t far off.

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