Holy Fuck

There are really no words for how good Katelyn Ohashi’s 6.9 D score beam set at WOGA Classic was. Yes, you read the difficulty score right. Watch it immediately.

It’s unbelievably galling that she won’t be able to show this off in London next year. Not least because the Chinese will probably have at least one athlete there who’s younger than her.

There’s no fucking justice.


5 responses to “Holy Fuck

  • Stoi!

    First of all, holy shit. No one is doing a full-in dismount, let alone piked.

    The turn is required, but she isn’t getting anything extra for doing that Y-turn, no. It’s only a C.

    Enjoy this routine while you can. I’m sure Marta will be turning that full twist into a layout. 😀


  • Stoi!

    Clindsey, last quad the turn had to be one of the 10 counting elements. Not sure if it still has to count now. This code, there are only 8 counting elements but I can’t find the bit in the code that covers this.

  • Holly-LA

    Damnnnnnnnnnn…….it’s ashame we can’t pull a China move and sneak her on the team in London. The caption to the post says it all! haha

  • clindsey

    I love this routine! Why does she do that turn? She would have the same difficulty if she did a regular turn, right? Does she do it for the artistry?

  • vanessa

    Holy fuck, indeed. Ohashi is amazing. Let’s wrap her in bubble wrap and feed her milkshakes until 2016. Also, I REALLY want to see her face off against Mai Murakami.

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