SJ training

Our good friend Dave from Aunt Joyce posted a link to a video of Shawn Johnson training and being interviewed.


I find it interesting that she seems to be placing so much emphasis on making the Worlds team, and how much it might play a role in her continuing to go for 2012.

Is she putting too much pressure on herself, or just being realistic?

She’s looking good – expect the double layout (or some variation of it) to be her opening pass.



2 responses to “SJ training

  • gottaluvgymnastics

    I made an Olympic team and put Johnson as and alternate. Here’s my ideal team:
    VT- Maroney, Wieber, Douglas
    UB- Douglas, Luikin(or Vega) Wieber
    BB- Luikin(or Vega), Wieber, Raisman
    FX- Wieber, Raisman, Maroney
    Alternates- Luikin or Vega, Ross, Johnson

  • Lizzie

    I think she’s being realistic. It’s important to prepare for London with at least one big team event, and Worlds will really test her. Test her body, test her mind and test her competitive spirit. If she can’t handle a Worlds, then I can see where she may want to bow out of the Olympics. That said, as long as her body holds up, I have a lot of faith in Johnson’s competiveness and mental toughness. Can’t wait to see her competing again!

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