Our Girls

They make me prouder every day. I particularly love how Dementieva looks like a kid dressing up in her big sister’s going out clothes.


10 responses to “Our Girls

  • Stoi!

    Me too! Bitchface suited her much better.

  • Queen Elizabeth

    I wonder if it was Adobe Photoshopped onto the beam!

    I did actually prefer Boguinskaia before the tooth job – the frowning intensity provoked by the lack of a smile added some brio to her competitive performances, I believe. I hadn’t noticed that Afanasyeva has bad teeth, but if she does it’s a pity they can’t give her more luck. She is certainly the one, at the risk of cross posting, for whom I would vote as under-rated. Well, at least a year or two ago.
    Bad teeth, or prominent teeth at least, are like communism – essential to great artistic performance. Remember Lissenko.

  • Stoi!

    I did wonder that myself. It looks a bit precarious! But it looks like they were ok.

  • Stoi!

    I love Afanasyeva’s refusal to rock the shit eating grin. She’s stunning in an androgynous, not overtly girly way and long may it continue!

  • Rach

    Love Love LOVE it!

  • Sasha

    Why is Kurbs posed like a mannequin? And how does Afan always manage to look at least slightly scary?

  • Rachel

    I KNOW!!! Bless her. There’s another pic in that Russian mag (or whatever the hell it is) of her with whippy cute bobbed hair – cute (and innocent, unlike, hmmmm, outward appearances of the rest of the RUS team) as a button. Personally, I loooooves me some Afan in that beam pic. How utterly cool is she? 😉 And for the love of Bog, will someone give her money to get her teeth fixed (am assuming that’s the issue with the permanent lack of visible dentistry) so she will properly smile? Heck, send her to the UK, she’ll feel better about her teeth within 2 minutes of passing through the arrivals hall at Heathrow

    • Sadie

      I adore Afanasyeva, do u know where i can find the cute hair-bobbed pic? 🙂 Oh and definitely not trying to be rude to Dementieva (she’s cute too!) but have you seen her teeth? We know Ksenia has, so could her chompers be worse? :/

  • Marcus

    The Real Housewives of Round Lake.

    • Stoi!

      There’s a few photos floating around of Afan actually smiling with her mouth open – her teeth look to be in good shape. But she somehow always manages to know when the camera is around to keep her jaw clamped shut.

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