Pavlova Watch

Anna has been competing again, with another solid set of results, this time at the Central Federaal Championship in Vladimir.

The competition wasn’t exactly immense, what’s interesting is the scores. She won the AA and every event (yes, even bars- anyone else smell a rat?)

AA total= 57.8.

Individual breakdown: Vault-15.150, Bars 13.3, Beam 15.000, floor-14.350

EF results below. Bonus point for anyone who can tell us what the fuck was going on with her vault and indeed bars.


1. Anna Pavlova – 13.949
2. Ekaterina Komarova – 13.499
3. Saha Jan – 13.450

Uneven Bars:

1. Anna Pavlova – 13.400
2. Ekaterina Komarova – 13.300
3. Kakhadze Tamara – 12.850

Balance Beam:

1. Anna Pavlova – 14.900
2. Ekaterina Komarova – 13.900
3. Kakhadze Tamara – 12.434

Floor Exercise:

1. Anna Pavlova – 14.350
2. Alla Sidorenko – 13.950
3. Ekaterina Komarova – 13.650

The chances of video from this ever turning up are minimal. So instead, let’s enjoy one of my favourite Pavlova moments from the archive, and pretend that it was Our Barry commentating rather than Matt Baker:

Some might think this an odd choice, since it consists of a very short Amanar and a 0. But the second vault is one of the things that turned Anna into a true legend. Why, you ask yourselves?

Because the judges wait for her, not the other way round.

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6 responses to “Pavlova Watch

  • sinhue

    I think her scores are fair, I completly doubt its russian bonus jaja I mean, she’s the most underscored gymnast ever!! I think he got a higher score on bars because she add some elements after her transition to the low bar, you can watch her doing them at the voronin cup videos!! and i guess she did a real dismount, maybe she took back her double layout dismount!! I LOVE HER

  • audgator

    Bronwyn and Clara,

    I just spent an hour reading your entire blog, I looooooooove it! Please keep writing it!

  • Queen Elizabeth

    I’ll never understand why they couldn’t have given Anna the benefit of the doubt for this … she salutes, the new value of the second vault is showing on the indicator … someone out there doesn’t like the Russians?

  • Stoi!

    I was going to question her bars score, actually. Not that it’s a great score, but I’ll assume she’s doing something other than a flyaway.

    The fact that Anna was so pleased with her “Amanar”, and proceeded to get a 0 for her second vault is so truly Russian. LOL.


  • betweentheolympics

    I don’t know what happened with Pavlova’s vault here, but she seemed to be having some trouble with her second vault at the Voronin Cup. She didn’t fall, but I remember the one from event finals being even more under-rotated than the one that’s on youtube. They also were giving her extremely unfair execution scores IMO on her DTY. I can’t remember what hers was, but I know that Nabieva’s was 9.2 and Pavlova’s was lower with a better or equal landing.
    That score could be made up of 5.8/9.1/14.9 for her DTY and 5.6/7.4/13.0 for a fall on her layout podkopayeva. Or are you asking how she got a 15.15 on her DTY day 1? 9.35 is pretty high.
    Maybe she got a real bars dismount. Or maybe it’s just Russia Bonus. I actually want to know what’s going on with her floor. Does she have some of her old tumbling?

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