Upgrades for Ana & Sandy. Plus SCAM!

A video has surfaced, featuring Sandra Isbaza and Ana Porgras training.

Looks as if Sandy is working on a layout (well, kind of layed-out) Omelianchik. I’ve always liked this vault. More so than the layout Pod. It’s harder to keep the “true” layout position all the way to the floor. Could she be working on twisting out of it? A DTY and a LO Pod is a good enough pair of vaults to get you into event finals at Euro’s…

Ana Porgras is shown working the Huang into her Jaeger. Though only rated at an E, we’re thinking this is being used to replace the stalder 1.5 that always slides well beyond handstand for a .5 deduction. Unless she’s working on some other tricks, the D-score will go down, but the E-score should go up. It looks good from where I’m sitting, and it’s refreshing that it’s not proceeded by 800 pirouettes.

 In completely shallow news, perhaps the host should have shared some of his under eye concealer?

 The big news of the week has been the new and improved (Sc)American Cup.

 For the first time in forever, we have a REAL roster of A-List gymnasts!

 American Cup is now a World Cup event, and the top 8 All-Around gymnasts from Rotterdam are invited + one wild card.

 Naturally, some chose to decline or are out with injury (Bross), but the roster is to die for.

 Ono No Komachi from WWGym posted a graph with those confirmed :


Who will be Aliya’s biggest challenge? Who will unveil upgrades? How many times will Tim interrupt Elfie?  

Sadly, Porgras will not be at SCAM, but is slated to compete at 2 World Cup events in Paris and Glasgow, both in March.

Finally, we’ll be able to see those upgraded routines in full, and maybe even the DTY she so desperately needs.

The World Cup rules are a little complicated for me to explain, but einseika was nice enough to give us some reading material.

 New World Cup Rules


The beginning of the season is shaping up!

-Posted by Bronwyn


2 responses to “Upgrades for Ana & Sandy. Plus SCAM!

  • Marcus

    Nice to see Porgras without “the bump” again. I didn’t like it on her at worlds.

    The Huang is a nice addition, but it would make more sense to do an eagle endo 1/1 and Ono in front of the Jaeger, but whatever keeps the deductions low.

  • Stoi!

    Never mind a DTY and layout Pod being good enough to get you to the European final, they’re good enough to get you on the world podium! Barbosa did them to come third last year, and deserved second (sorry, still bitter)

    It’d be good to see Romania start to take vault seriously again. They had a 25 year period where they virtually never had a team that didn’t have a kickass vaulter on it. It seemed like they were actually getting better as they went along- Amanar was the peak and imho Rosu could’ve been another Amanar if she’d kept going. Then, apres 2004, le deluge.

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