Sac vs. Mutha Russia

Our good friend Marcus (Nastiafan101) made an exquisite side-by-side comparison of Alicia vs. Aliya vs. Nabs from the Rotterdam vault ef’s.

It’s not embeddable, so clickity-click the link below…


He’s a crafty little bitch, hey?

No bonus points to him for denouncing anything Russian, but bonus points to him for using the gayest music possible!

He also gives us a scoring breakdown; this is the first time that I really realized that Mustafina scored (albeit slightly) higher on her Amanar (9.233) than Alicia did on her DTY (9.2).

It takes the wonderment to a whole new level when you watch the side-by-side!

-Posted by Bronwyn


3 responses to “Sac vs. Mutha Russia

  • Stoi!

    I agree, Lizzie, but there’s just not a whole lot of vaulting variety going on out there.

    Everyone is so focused on the one (stronger/All-Around) vault that we’re seeing simple-lish (yet most often clean) 2nd vaults, or difficult vaults that look chucked (Aliya/Tatiana).

    It seems as if there’s no purpose in even learning a second one. Remember the days (years) that they had to do 2 DIFFERENT vaults in All-Around? I miss that. There’s something sad about a girl capable of a DTY but not a handspring front.

    We talked on gym boards before about decreasing the value of some vaults, and highering values for the others. At least we’d see a bigger variety.

    I’m still holding my breath for a handspring double front a’la Produnova.


  • Stoi!

    The more I watch that vault final, the more I think the one who really got screwed is Barbosa. Clearly Mustafina’s Amanar wasn’t round, so she should’ve been behind Jade anyway. But also, Alicia really is only straight very, very briefly in her rudi. It’s way more piked than straight. She shows only the tiniest bit less pike throughout the vault than Mustafina. She’s very lucky that the crediting rules applied in that particular competition (not the ones in the code) favoured her. I think she was the best on the day, but it wouldn’t have been outrageous to downgrade her rudi given the funky attitude to piking and straight twisting in that final.

    I’ve said many times that the way to deal with vaults like that is crediting them as what they were meant to be and taking execution deductions, as that’s what the code says. But that’s not actually the approach that was followed in this final, since the FIG decided that apparently their own rules don’t apply after all. Barbosa should’ve been second, and perhaps a closer second.

    As for the Yurchenkos, I suspect most of the difference can be explained by the fact that Alicia will have had deductions that Aliya didn’t for a low chest on landing and for being offcentre. Plus they may have taken more for her hop than Aliya’s step and Aliya gets more length. So it’s a question of whether Aliya’s execution deductions should outweigh Alicia’s for low chest, being offcentre, probably for lack of length and possibly more for her dismount. There’s more to vault than keeping straight legs.

    Don’t even ask me what the fuck they were on with Nabieva though.

  • Holly-LA

    Great pic choice on the gay leaping unicorn. It def fits the music haha. Interesting video though.

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