Nabs Fever.

– Posted by Bronwyn


6 responses to “Nabs Fever.

  • Stoi!

    I actually genuinely love gurning.

  • Sasha

    I’ve never really thought that Nabs looks bitchy. She looks more worried/stressed/uncomfortable to me.

    I love her facial expressions. They’re like teen angst performance art.

    Seriously though, she’s a cutie, and I don’t understand why she gets flack for making faces.

  • Stoi!

    Anonymous, two of us write this blog. I wrote the Mustafina piece, Bronwyn wrote this one. We agree on a lot of things but not everything (see the review of the year piece for an example). So there are going to be times when we take stances that are different to and maybe even contradict each other. In order to prevent this, we’d potentially have to not write about some things we want to write about. Neither of us is up for that.

    Now I can’t speak for Brownwyn, but personally I believe in reclaiming the term bitch. I’ve discussed more about using insulting words traditionally associated with women in this way in the comments section of the Mustafina post. In the case of the word bitch, I like to use it as a compliment for women with attitude. More than one woman has identified being called a bitch as a blessing, because it freed her from the requirement to be ‘nice’. Bronwyn adores Nabieva, so I’d be surprised if she’s using it as an insult here.

  • anonymous

    double standard much? isn’t “bitch” a sexist term frequently used by men to describe women who aren’t performing their role as society (or Dwight Normile) expects? You called Dwight Normile out, so I’m just saying…

  • gem

    i think this is my favourite post so far.

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