LilyPod’s fancy footwork.

This includes 2 somewhat obscure/short-lived routines that Lilia didn’t compete for very long.

As a little one, Lilia went from this in ’93 :

to this in ’94 :

For Dortmund Team Worlds, she showed up with this short-lived number :

But made quite an abomination of it for finals :

Quite a different style from her normally Omelianchik-esque flexy foot UKR style.

1995 was the debut of her arabic routine where she dared to channel a waitress from The Olive Garden :

Before her Olympic winning Figaro routine, she experimented with this at The French Int’l, sort of a pre-empt to what would follow in Atlanta :

Our Olympic FX champion :

-Posted by Bronwyn


6 responses to “LilyPod’s fancy footwork.

  • Sasha

    Usually when I say a gymnast is a good dancer there is an unspoken qualifier – “for a gymnast”. Lilypod is one of the few gymnasts who is an unqualified good dancer. Sure, her choreo could have been better (in some cases much, much better) but she always managed to look good. I chose the 94 team championships routine, partly because it was nice and partly because I hadn’t watched it 1276 times before, so there was a bit of novelty to it as well.

  • noname

    You forgot an option for none. Sorry but girl was sloppy on floor and if this is what we call great choreography and dance then I’ll watch skating.

  • Stoi!

    I’m going to be a contrary fecker and go with the 1996 Euros AA set. Mesmerising. She had the arena in the palm of her hand.

    • Stoi!


      I didn’t mean from what particular competition, I just meant which routine. Those are just examples.

      Which makes me wonder who the hell voted for “other.” Surely they don’t prefer that “Cotton Eyed Joe” exhibition shite…

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