Pretty beam tumble.

Things have been a little slow around here – both Clara & I were busy for the new year.

I slipped on some spilled champagne @ a party attempting to incorporate a double attitude turn into my drunken dance number. Needless to say, I busted my ass and split my dress.

Our friend Sasha from WWGYM, has a moving avatar of Ling Jie from what we think is 1997 Chinese Nationals. I had to scrounge up the video. This might be one of the most dynamic and breathtaking tumbling passes on beam I’ve ever seen :

(bhs + Onodi + front aerial @ :27)

The Onodi is so flippin’ high!!!

-Posted by Bronwyn


6 responses to “Pretty beam tumble.

  • Sasha

    Livchikova’s a cutie, and has nice lines. The idea that she’s Ukraine’s future is a little scary though. I mean, sometimes I think back to Ukrainian gymnastics in the late-90s and I shed a little tear. They were my favourites. Not surprising the way things have gone though; Ukraine’s been poor forever and without Soviet funding they’re poor again.

    But yeah, her beam’s really nice. The fhs-front tuck combo is refreshing!

    • Stoi!

      She’s good on floor and vault too. She reminds me a bit of Kozich, actually. I think they need her to even qualify for London. The fact that Ukraine might not even qualify an entire team for the Olympics is baffling and sad to me…thus the basis of the blog I’m working on.


  • Sasha

    Woop woop, I got referenced! Does that mean I’ve made it in the gymnternet?

    I’ve just finished making another, this one of Livchikova, also doing a very nice high Onodi.

    • Stoi!

      Hey Sasha – I’d love to see the new avatar. I’m probably going to do an entire blog about “The Future of Ukrainian Gymnastics”, and Livchikova is going to be one of the spotlight gymnasts. She’s probably their best shot at any kind of future, really. I like that girl.

  • KP

    It ALMOST makes up for that leotard. Almost.

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