Grishina Grishina Grishina!

 IG posted an article on Anastasia Grishina, where she reflects on 2010, looks forward to 2011, and provides some insight on The Grishina family Christmas. It’s cute!

She is my absolute favorite Russian right now – more so than Mustafina, Komova, and yes, even my not-so-secret-crush, Afanasyeva (she’s legal, so don’t think I’m a creep!)

Grishina has been dealing with and recuperating from a back injury that kept her out of competition for the second half on the 2010 season. According to the article, she plans on returning to competition at The Russian Cup in March. Like little Iordache of Romania, it’s hard to believe that Grishina is still a junior, and won’t be age eligible until 2012; it seems as if her fans have been following her for what seems like forever.

Many think that Komova’s London dreams are dependent on a race against time – puberty, and if she can stay healthy for another year and a ½. The same goes for Grishina. The back injury is kind of worrying, as my namesake, Pappy Baldwin Sanders always told me, “a bad back is a bad back is a bad back!”

What is it with Russians and bad backs? Usually I would chalk it up to wonky and haphazard technique on tumbling skills (think both Ksenia’s + whippy double layouts and crooked switch rings), but Grishina doesn’t have bad technique.

A lot of people are so hyped up on smoking that Komova-crack that they forget about this girl. Not only did she qualify first over Komova to the JR. European AA finals, but she beat her on bars too (even if it was a very narrow margin). With a few upgrades, she’ll be A LOT closer to Komova than people like to think.

Let’s take a look.


By far her weakest event, Ana is only doing a 1.5 Yurchenko. This is where Komova really has her. By a lot.

I’m not too worried – remember Ms. Mustafina doing the same vault just 2 years ago at Jr. Euro’s? If Grishina can follow the same time line, she should be able to add another twist to this.


Super-close on that Jaeger, but the rest was fanstatic. Gorgeous handstands. Since she’s Russian, we’ll assume that some 1/2 turning Khorkina-esque transition is in the works – my only complaint is that her routine will be almost exactly the same as Komova’s.


This is the first event that really made me notice her – she’s got the skills to pay the bills! She’s a little inconsistent with the 1/1 twist (maybe a layout for AA?), but it’s certainly dynamic. I love that she goes for both a double turn and an illusion. I also like how she attempts to hold her leg up on the Onodi – front aerial – side somi combo.

Also, I hear at least a handful of STOI’S!!!!


This is where she truly shines. I love the Double – L to stag, and the triple turn! Gorgeous twisting form on the triple. All she needs is to upgrade the first and last passes. Something big for the opener (arabian double front? double layout?), and/or maybe tumble into the triple. Or out of the 2 1/2?

  • Double layout
  • Triple twist
  • 2 1/2 + 1/1
  • Double pike


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