Voronin Vids

I had a fab extended weekend in NYC. But it’s back to the ‘burgh & blogging. I unearthed a bottle of Yellow Tail wine in my basement; dust those cobwebs off and go to town!

As we already know, Viktoria Komova sat out of last weekends Voronin Memorial Cup with a silly injury. Aliya Mustafina was her last minute replacement and took the crown, even with a fall on beam.

Apparently, Komova watched the meet in a cast. I’m assuming that her coaches are just being (overly) cautious. Read all about it (and full results) at International Gymnast.  

Youtube user, grishinagan, has been uploading videos from Voronin.

Some highlights…

Mustafina’s bars:

I believe this is from EF’s, which she won. Great routine, excellent (stuck!) dismount, just an extra swing into the toe shoot. She’s been playing around with the Pak to immediate stalder for awhile now. We’re thinking she might be working on Stalder ½’ing it back to the HB eventually.

Nabs took out her Nabieva, but looks to be cookin’ up something else in the meantime. She does inside stalder 1/1 + Shaposhnikova + Pak + stalder 1/1 + Van Leeuwen. So this routine starts from a 6.6 even without her release move.


A little cleaner and better handstands than usual too. It’ll be interesting to see what she comes up with by Europeans. She could be teetering on the 7.0 range.

Mustafina’s beam was a bit of a shitshow:

The switch ½ + back tuck combo is new for her, but that leap is fugly and needs an early retirement. It’s somewhat reminscent of a leap we’d see Aly Raisman fuggin’ up. It’s surprisingly bad seeing that Aliya is clearly more flexible and a better dancer than Aly.

She took out her oh-so-80’s bhs + loso for the Front aerial + Onodi (which she actually connected this time).  She almost needs the cheap acro series as a backup plan in case she can’t connect anything else. She tries to hussel in the back tuck that she missed earlier in the routine, and almost comes off AGAIN! Not world champion material here Musty, but homegirl has had a busy year so we’ll forgive her. She’s obviously experimenting around with some stuff, and we give her props for that. We’ll see what actually stays in her routine for Euro’s. My way-too-early Russian balance beam lineup for Tokyo Worlds would be Mustafina, Dementyeva, Komova. Possibly Pavlova instead of one of the 3?  They’re still relatively weak (and headcasey) on beam; Dementyeva will have to remember to take a double-dose of her crazy pills, and Komova will need to lose the wobblies.

Pavlova picked up the beam title with a STUNNING routine & her old big tricks (check out the Kolensikova & Omelianchik!) :

Chusovitina took a coaching break to compete vault. Here’s a pikey handspring front 1/1 from everyones favorite Gramma:

I can’t believe she’s still doing this. Go girl!

Now for Stoi’s! FUG OF THE YEAR award. And just in time for the holidays!

US junior Nicole Mandrini, who scored a dazzling 39.85 (including a 5.1 for the routine below), which would be a great all-around score if it were 1988 and she were competing against Silivas & Shushunova.


I feel somewhat bad and embarassed for this girl, but my evil side can’t help but laugh at this shitastic routine. Who on earth told her she’s ready for elite competitions in Mutha Russia?

More of Mandrini’s jizznastics here:

And here:

In times of extreme crisis like the above, I find myself wondering, “What would Monica Phelps say?”

 –Posted by Bronwyn


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