Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Edit : Actually, it’s Oops I Did It Again. My bad.

Whether you like Britney Spears or not, what on earth would make you think that this would be good floor music?

She’s a pretty nifty tumbler (for a b-list Russian) aside from the last pass, but looks as if she comes from the Dance School of Kim Kelly rather than Round Lake. That “stag” leap @ :46 is frightening.

While we’re on the topic of Titney, Marcus (Nastiafan101) dug this little jem up.

Canada’s Brittnee Habbib gettin’ down to “Toxic”:

I never cared for Chellsie Memmel’s short-lived “I Love Rock & Roll” routine. I like the actual song, just not her “interpretation.”

Maybe Nastia’s comeback routine can be to “Ironic”, by Alanis Morrissette?

Unlike Clara, I’m generally not a fan of pop music in elite routines (unless it’s Abba of course). The mixes are most-always shitty, and it’s just so NCAA to me.

Maybe I’m in the minority on that?

 -Posted by Bronwyn


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