Revisiting 1994 Euros…with Monica Phelps.

One of my favorite floor finals ever, the 1994 European Championships from Stockholm.

Interestingly, the top two, Podkopayeva & Milosovici (Gogean & Kochetkova split the bronze), both used variations of the now-somewhat-overused Hava Nagila. Though Podkopayeva did it better, this was one of the few times where Milo’s choreography actually went with the music; though her choreography never actually changed when the music did.

I think 1994 was really Kochetkova’s best year. She was fabulous. She looked worn-out and just plain whooped by Atlanta.

This was also my favorite floor routine of Lilia’s. The choreography is ODD, but it works, and I prefer it to the ballet shit she was churning out in ‘96. I’m 28 (and ¾), so I grew up watching gymnastics in the mid 90’s; Lilia was my first true gymnastics “idol.” Of course Monica isn’t afraid of letting her Lilia-bias shine through with her always entertaining Brit-wordage (“OHHHHH WHAT A PEARLER!”).

I (almost) feel bad that Miss Personality herself, Gina Gogean,  had to follow Lilia, but a really cool wolf jump with (almost) 2 turns at the end.

Monica on Gogean: “Like Miller, she reeks of training!”

Reeder’s choreo was different, and she had a pretty style, but Monica dares to compare her to Ilienko. No, honey.

I never cared for Bulakhova. She always reminded me of someone that would compliment Kim Kelly as a teammate, rather than Podkopayeva.

Piskun in the evenings fugliest leo. I always liked Piskun. She was a workhorse; it seemed as if she was at every competition in the mid-90’s with the exception of US Nationals. Like Gogean, her personality never quite showed through in her floor performances, but she was insanely talented. People seem to forget that she won 2 World titles.

-Posted by Bronwyn


2 responses to “Revisiting 1994 Euros…with Monica Phelps.

  • Rachel

    Monica Phelps makes my ears bleed. On the upside, Bogi once wore teh same leo as Piskoun is in there, 1991 maybe? Maybe Belarus got the old Soviet hand-me-downs. ITA re Bulakhova being unremarkable but least she was reliable LOL and one of that final cohort of solid Soviet Ukrainians.

  • Jill

    Hi Bronwyn,
    As a fellow gymnastics fan and follower who is also 28 (and a half), I can relate to your soft spot for gymnastics in the mid 1990’s and particularly for Lilia. I remember seeing her in a competition in Canada in 1994 and being inspired by her style and difficulty. I’ve been enjoying your posts- keep up the great work!

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