Over the weekend & coming up.

It was a bit of a slow weekend gymnastically, but a couple of competitions of note.

I promised not to make another post about Tatiana Nabieva, but the girl has been a busy bee. She cruised to an easy all-around victory at the Pas-de-Calais with a rather high tally of 58.3, 4 points ahead of China’s Zhang Yelinzi. I’m rather surprised, considering how shiteous she looked at the Gala. Nabs scores were consistent across the board, including a 15.4 on bars. She split the event titles with Yelinzi, who claimed the vault and beam titles, while Nabieva picked up top honors on bars and floor.

Results here 

The Bumbo Cup also took place over the weekend, the major star being junior Woga-mite, Katelyn Ohashi, and teammate McKenzie Wofford. Ohashi grabbed the all-around, vault, and floor titles, while Wofford claimed bars and beam.

My South African sweetie, Jennifer Khwela could only muster up 3rd in the all-South-African-attended all-around after a disastrous 9.175 on bars; not even a good score under the old 10.0 scoring system. Khwela was able to bounce back in event finals and pick up silver on her specialty, vault. Though it’s nice to see them competing as a team, looking at the South Africans scores as a whole, bars is by far their biggest hole to fill, the highest score only a 12.775 by Chanel Parsons, who won the senior all-around.

Results here

Many of us are looking forward to the next couple of weeks of competition; the Toyota International (December 11-12) features many high profile gymnasts including World champions Aliya Mustafina and Lauren Mitchell, Koko Tsurumi, and China’s A-Team of Deng Linlin, Sui Lu, and Jiang Yuyuan. Coach Peggy Liddick has really had Lauren working her buns off since Worlds, with a rather exhausting competition schedule. I’m thinking Mustafina might play it safe and just go with a DTY for this competition, unless the Amanar is a permanent fixture in her all-around arsenal. If Mitchell is at her absolute best (even with her wonky bars) and Mustafina has the same kind of fumble as she did at The Freddy Cup, is it possible for Mitchell to defeat her in the all-around? Could be quite the confidence booster.

 The Voronin Memorial (December 15-19) will serve as Viktoria Komova’s last competition as a junior, and she is rumored to be performing several upgrades. I’m curious as to exactly what these upgrades will be. I don’t expect any changes on vault (obviously) or bars, but some minor upgrades on beam and floor. On beam, she’ll probably add back the tour jete ½, she’s been playing around with a double turn, and the re-addition of the arabian double dismount from 2 bhs’s. If she connects the L-turn + front aerial + sheep jump combo, what does that take her d-score up to? A 6.4? Help me, code honeys.

For floor, she could add a leap out of the arabian double, sneak a Gogean around, and maybe add a full twist to her sky- high double back. Personally, I think she should just stick with the double back. She only gets an extra tenth for the full in, but then loses several in form and landing deductions.

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One response to “Over the weekend & coming up.

  • Einseika

    I think the Toyota International is EF only :-).

    Hypothetically, for Komova:

    Front tuck (D)
    BHS – LOSO (C) – LOSO (C) +0.1
    Standing Arabian (F)
    L turn (C) – front aerial (D) – sheep jump (D) +0.2
    Side somi (D)
    Double turn (D) (or split 1/1 (D) if you want – I don’t think she’d do both)
    BHS (B) – BHS to two feet (B) – double Arabian (G) +0.2

    CR 2.5
    CV 0.5
    GFDDD|DDC 3.6

    D score = 6.6

    I’m not sure about the dismount though – it’s always been very risky for her.

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