Pavlova back on top!

Will we see Pavs throwin' gang signs in Tokyo?

International Gymnast reported that Anna Pavlova won the AA at the 11th annual Khorkina Cup with a steady 57.3 (including a whopping 15.2 on vault). She also mustered up a 15.05 on beam in event finals. Contemplating retirement this year, she made a minor comback en route to Worlds. Many of us thought she might have made the Rotterdam team, but Rodionenko points out in the article, “To take her to the world championships in her condition would have been disrespectful to her.”

While I’m pretty iffy that she’ll last ’til London, this could make things a little interesting for Worlds in Tokyo next year. With 3 strong events (vt, bb, fx), and only 1 serious outside threat to this past years team (Maria Paseka), could Pavlova contend for a spot? Who could she bump? a) Kurbatova b) Semenova or c) Afanasyeva?

Official results here.

-Posted by Bronwyn


7 responses to “Pavlova back on top!

  • Stoi!

    Yes, honey. Honestly, I think Semenova is done. Growing did her no good. She can’t keep up with her body, and the injuries never stop. I was shocked that they put Dementyeva on bars in TF’s rather than Kurbatova, but Dementyeva has room to improve. The problem with her are her basics. Her tumbling is low, and she twists right off the floor. It affects her vaulting too; for reasons like that, I can’t ever see her doing anything more than a simple FTY. I think she’s still safe for Tokyo though. Or safe(r) than Semenova, Kurbatova, or Afanasyeva.

  • Stoi!

    Regarding the issue of coming back from mistakes, to be fair to Nabieva she’s done that a bit this year, and a lot of her mistakes have been made in her last routine anyway. In Euros TFs and world TFs, bars was her last event so she didn’t have an opportunity to bounce back. And after fucking up on beam in worlds AA, she hit vault as well as she had done all week.

    I agree though that Semenova and Kurbatova are both ripe for the picking.

    (This ok Bronwyn, no approval necessary?!)

  • betweentheolympics

    I agree. Nabieva isn’t useful when Sidorova/Grishina/Other Gymnast comes along with an amanar, Grishina/Komova/Mustafina can do bars and she still can’t hit her routines. And Sidorova apparently has already attempted an amanar.
    There are some qualities that I like about Nabieva. I love the composition of her bars and beam. She is certainly a daredevil who is not afraid to try the big tricks. But I can’t get past her form, attitude, and what seems to me like inability to come back from mistakes.

    • Einseika

      I agree about the inability to come back from mistakes. That’s a huge issue and the kind of thing that could, and should, be a deal breaker for, say, an Olympic team spot.

      I think she’s in the frame next year because, after Komova, there’s no one else who has the D scores on VT and UB to challenge her really, but I’d like to see her off the team by 2012.

      Looking at the videos, it looks like she’s going to be attempting Nabieva – Pak – stalder 1/1 – Van Leeuwen at some point.

  • Stoi!

    I’m expecting Nabieva to get completely bumped off the team by London. Again, WAY too early to predict, but I’d have Mustafina, Komova, Grishina, Sidorova, and only 1 vacant spot (probably not Nabieva).

  • betweentheolympics

    Pavlova currently isn’t exactly strong on floor- she hasn’t gotten her tumbling back since her injury. Of course, I’m only assuming this from her recent scores and videos from earlier in the year.
    I imagine if she was in good shape before worlds, she could have taken Kurbatova’s vault spot and Semenova’s beam spot in team finals, ultimately replacing Kurbatova on the team. Her vault from September would have almost certainly outscored Kurbatova’s from TF.
    For next year, Kurbatova and Semenova should be bumped, and the last three spots should be between Afanasyeva, Paseka, Belokobilskaya and Pavlova. I think Dementyeva will continue to improve. She was a bit inconsistent at worlds, but she was by far the least experienced member of the team. Nabieva and Afanasyeva were worse in terms of consistency. I have a feeling Alexandrov is worried about using Nabieva on vault and bars. Her vault has been under-rotated and inconsistent, and she has never hit bars in a major team final competition (Euros, Japan Cup, Worlds).

  • Einseika

    Yulia Belokobylskaya, who is capable of pretty high D scores on BB (supposedly in the mid 6s at the Russian Cup) and FX (high 5s), probably has as much of an outside chance to make Worlds as Paseka does, to be honest.

    If they’re in top form, Mustafina and Komova could well end up doing 8 of the 12 TF routines between them anyway. Nabieva will probably have the third VT and UB spots unless someone else gets an Amanar (Paseka is the only one of the 95 girls who really looks capable to me but she’s been out injured for the latter part of this year so don’t know about her status). That leaves BB and FX and, I don’t know, it’s too hard to predict this early.

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