This will be the last time I post about Tatiana Nabieva for awhile, I swear. Or at least until the end of the week. My oft-bitchiness about her makes it appear that I don’t like her, but I do. It’s just moments like the ones below that make me want to rip my eyes out.

True, this is only a (recent) Gala, but still. Just because it isn’t a huge competition doesn’t give you an excuse to look so shittyeous.

The “Nabieva” is nasty enough, but bent legs on giant swings? Are we that lazy?

Even a Parkette wouldn’t approve!

Beam. It gets worse.  She mis-times her steps into the front 1/2 (or whatever she was planning on doing) & just omits it. She then proceeds to wobble on a pose. On a shallow note, I think she grew her bangs out.

Maybe it’s a post-Worlds hangover. Maybe exhibitions make her nervous. I don’t know. Whatever the case, honey needs to clean up.

Kaboom2706 has more videos from the Gala des Russe in Hirson, including Nabs floor.  

-Posted by Bronwyn


3 responses to “Fugnastics.

  • Stoi!

    “Remember how bad Mustafina looked at the Japan Cup when she was getting beaten by Afanasyeva and Tsurumi – who had the last laugh there?”

    That’s a good point. My faith in her winning Worlds wasn’t as high after that competition. Speaking of, Komova was quite a wobbly mess on beam at Freddy Cup.

  • Einseika

    Not that this is specifically aimed at Nabieva since she never has great execution at the best of times, but European gymansts need to peak around April-ish for Euros and October for Worlds. How they look the rest of the year is totally incidental.

    The Russians also seem to like to compete a lot – basically pretty regularly from the regional competitons in February through to the Voronin Cup in December, so you’re inevitably going to see them looking really shitty at times.

    Remember how bad Mustafina looked at the Japan Cup when she was getting beaten by Afanasyeva and Tsurumi – who had the last laugh there?

  • betweentheolympics

    She also fell on her DTY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60EfQDlCCt0. To me, that seems like lack of effort on a skill that’s easy for her.
    As a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do a layout over that vault as a warmup.

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