A few of my favorite spins.

Catalina Ponor, double scorpion.

Though her leaps were often shitastic and resembled those of a Level 10 from Parkette’s, this spin is FABULOUS. Elisabetta Preziosa tried submitting it in Rotterdam, but they didn’t give it to her.

Ksenia Afanasyeva, Double-L.

The most nauseatingly overused of the d-level spins, I’m often hard pressed to spot a good one in a sea full of fugly. As opposed to the labored & clunky double-l’s we usually see, Ksenia manages to be incredibly light on her feet. Like a ballerina. Her front leg is super locked out, way up on toe, and I adore the way she carries her upper body throughout the entire spin. A nice stag jump adds a little bit of flourish. She can be so lovely when she’s not falling all over the place.

Anastasia Grishina, triple turn.

So fast, so tight, so precise.

Attack of the Memmels!

Originated by Chellsie Memmel, this turn is simply a double turn with leg in split position. Holenkova does it with her leg in Y-position, while Komova does it with her leg in front. Both are acceptable. Komova’s position is reminiscent of a figure skater. Not Tanya Harding.

Valentina Holenkova, Memmel turn.

Viktoria Komova, Memmel turn.

– Bronwyn


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